1. We endeavour to not make any mistakes, however, please check the car specification, car service record and anything else that is relevant to your purchasing decision, with your VEA Automotive Ltd representative, before placing an order.
2. VEA Automotive Ltd will pass to you all keys, manuals service records and radio codes received.
3. It is agreed between the contracting parties that all disputes arising out of any contracts or agreements entered into, will fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales and the laws of those will apply under the provisions of the contracts (Applicable Law) Act 1990.
4. The vehicle does not belong to the customer until it is paid for with cleared funds.

Deposits and Pre-Payments

5. A minimum deposit of 10%, of the pre-VAT vehicle value, is required with every order to show the customer’s commitment to purchase the vehicle and VEA Automotive Ltd.’s commitment to supply the vehicle.
Any payment made more than 10%, of the pre-VAT vehicle value, will have been individually negotiated between VEA Automotive Ltd and the customer – This usually occurs with orders subject to bespoke modification.
Placing an order and/or making a deposit is acceptance of the VEA Automotive Ltd terms and conditions.
6. If the customer fails to pay the outstanding balance of the agreed purchase price without lawful reason by the agreed date, or fails to collect the vehicle by the agreed date, VEA Automotive Ltd will be entitled to treat the agreement as cancelled by the customer and offer the vehicle for re-sale. VEA Automotive Ltd will be entitled to claim from the customer any reasonable losses suffered which may include, but are not limited to, stocking charges, unrecoverable extras fitted to the vehicle, and any reduction in value of the vehicle.
Once VEA Automotive Ltd notify the customer their vehicle is completed and ready for collection, the balance of invoice is payable no later than 7 days from notification of completion.
7. VEA Automotive Ltd will be entitled to use the deposit and any prepayment, to reduce its reasonable losses. Any excess will be returned to the customer and any shortfall will be paid by the customer.

NOTE: Handover dates are indicative and VEA Automotive Ltd cannot be responsible for delivery delays caused by the manufacturer.

Part Exchange

8. Any part exchange allowance agreed with a customer is based upon either the customer’s description of the vehicle to VEA Automotive Ltd or upon its inspection by VEA Automotive Ltd. Valuations assume that the vehicle will have a valid V5 (logbook), Book Packs, Service books (with correct stamps) and 2 functional keys.
9. In the event of subsequent damage to the vehicle (fair wear and tear accepted) or if the customer knowingly gave incorrect information concerning the vehicle or has concealed a defect in the vehicle which VEA Automotive Ltd relied upon, VEA Automotive Ltd may decline to purchase the vehicle at the agreed value.
In these circumstances, VEA Automotive Ltd will try to agree with the customer a new purchase price, however, if no agreement can be reached, the customer shall either pay the full price or VEA Automotive Ltd will be entitled to treat the agreement as cancelled by the customer and the provisions of clause 7 shall then apply.

Warranties/Faulty Products

10. Used Vehicle’s with delivery miles (less than 100) will be supplied with 12 months warranty on VEA Automotive Ltd parts and the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturer parts, where available. All warranty claims on OEM parts must be managed directly with the manufacturer any warranty claims for non VEA Automotive Ltd parts are at the manufacturer’s discretion.
11. Used Vehicles, with more than 100 miles will be supplied with 3 months warranty from date of purchase.
12. Where VEA Automotive Ltd products are retrofitted to a vehicle a 12 Month parts warranty applies.
13. Branded products supplied by VEA Automotive Ltd are covered by 12 months manufacturer’s warranty, any repairs and replacements will be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms, after the product has been returned.
14. Unbranded products supplied by VEA Automotive Ltd are covered by 12 months manufacturer’s warranty from faults and defects.
15. Any claim by the customer based upon defects in the quality or condition of the vehicle shall be notified to VEA Automotive Ltd within a reasonable time of the date of delivery, or where the defects were not apparent on a reasonable inspection, within a reasonable time after discovery of the defects.
16. VEA Automotive Ltd parts are designed for day-to-day road use and as such, not covered against damage from heavy off-road use or excessive submersion.
18. Damages caused by delivery companies or shipping agents must be rejected or signed for as damaged – VEA Automotive Ltd cannot be held responsible or claim for any damages, that are not documented by the delivery driver.
18. All defective products must be returned to VEA Automotive Ltd for inspection.
19. Products must be fitted by VEA Automotive Ltd or an approved technician, any defects caused by incorrect fitting will not be covered under warranty.
20. Products purchased through an VEA Automotive Ltd independent reseller must be returned via the original route of purchase.
21. Product warranty is not transferable.
22. VEA Automotive Ltd Products installed on vehicles carry a 12-month warranty, irrespective of items covered by the manufacturers 36-month warranty.
23. Vehicle owners must adhere to manufacturers guidelines on service inspections, failure to maintain a vehicle within the specified guidelines will negate cover on all products installed by VEA Automotive Ltd.
24. VEA Automotive Ltd products are outside of manufacturers specifications and not endorsed by the manufacturer. As such, manufacturer’s warranty may be affected on certain parts by VEA modifications, a main dealer may not honour warranty repairs if they believe the cause of the fault is caused by an after-market modification. VEA Automotive Ltd will not be held responsible for any costs incurred with manufacturers, main dealers, or any other 3rd party for repairs.
25. ECU Remapping is not supported by manufacturers or main dealers. A main dealer may not honour warranty repairs if they believe the fault has been caused by changes made to the ECU.
ECU Remaps are installed at the owner’s risk and VEA Automotive Ltd will not be held responsible for disputes or repair costs incurred with manufacturers and main dealers.
26. Wear and tear damage and light impact damage to alloy wheels are not covered under warranty.
27. The parts warranty does not cover breakages to items that are subject to adjustment or replacement during normal service or maintenance operations.

Warranties Exclusions

VEA Automotive Ltd is not responsible for any repair or replacement part, that is required as a direct result of:​

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules and service instructions.
  • Damage resulting from neglect, accident, or improper use.
  • Unauthorised modifications of the VEA Automotive Ltd parts by a 3rd Party
  • Poor or incorrect fitting by a third party
  • Incorrect painting or preparation undertaken by a third party.
  • Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning.
  • Factors beyond control, such as natural hazards (salt, industrial fall-out, storm damage, acid rain) and damage (including stone chips, scratches)
  • The use of unsuitable, poor quality or highly acidic cleaning agents
  • Accident repairs by a 3rd Party to VEA Automotive Ltd products, using materials or methods of repair that have not been pre-approved.
  • The VEA Automotive Ltd Warranty excludes liability for any lost time, inconvenience, loss of transportation, or any other incidental or consequential damage you (or anyone else) may incur, because of a defect covered by this warranty.