About VEA Automotive

About VEA Automotive

VEA Automotive Limited is part of the Alloy Hub Group of companies, that was created by vehicle enthusiast, Joe Stonier.

Joe has been trading successfully since 2013, when he created The Alloy Hub, on leaving university at the age of 21.
Now in its 11th year of trading, Alloy Hub has gained a reputation of being the UK’s leading supplier of genuine OEM wheels at a fraction of the cost of the main dealers.

In 2017, Joe realised that there was no-one in the UK offering quality redesigned pick-ups at a competitive price, therefore VEA Automotive Limited was created.

In 2019, Joe acquired premises in Leek (Staffordshire) and now, from this ‘Customisation Centre’ VEA Automotive supply pick-ups, that are seen as the best in the UK.

Working with manufacturers such as Ford, Mercedes, and VW, VEA Automotive completely change the look and feel of the trucks, by redesigning the appearance, both internally and externally.

Through years of experience and knowledge of the industry, VEA Automotive offer unique product enhancements on lift kits, body styling, wheels, leather interiors etc., that provide the customer with a vehicle like nothing else on the road.

In 2024 VEA Automotive expanded it’s offering and now offer customers design and build services for their own pick-up – This is an offering that no one else provides in the UK.

VEA Automotive offer the following services:

  • Assess the customers’ requirements – Consult and understand what the customer is looking for.
  • Bespoke Design – Arrive at enhancements that are fit for purpose and meet the customer requirements.
  • Cost and provide a build plan – Arrive at a price and timeline that suits the customer.

Many companies over complicate this process, but to VEA, it’s as simple as A.B.C., and the customer feedback on this offering is exceptional!