The Ford Ranger is already an exemplary vehicle in its own right, particularly for those that are looking to rely on a rugged, dependable, go-anywhere form of transport.

At VEA Automotive, our aim is to refine the Ford Ranger even further adding luxurious enhancements to the interior, exterior, wheels and lighting, creating a totally unique and individual vehicle.

VEA Automotive exterior conversions


VEA Automotive can customise your vehicle exterior so that it really turns heads when you’re on the road.

– Wide body conversion (extended wheel arches)
– Lifted suspension
– Uprated American style grill
– Black out programme (grills, surrounds & badges)
– Front spoiler bar
– Bonnet deflector
– Snorkel for water wading
– Custom vehicle colours (painting & wrapping)
– Tow pack
– Privacy glass (dark on rear, light on front)
– Electric deployable side steps
– Twin side exit exhaust system
– Storage solutions (roller shutter or hard top)
– Swing cases
– Exterior graphics pack

VEA Automotive exterior conversions
VEA Automotive
VEA Automotive exterior conversions



When it comes to wheels and tyres, our aim to create the ultimate stance for your vehicle. We fit 17 inch Fuel wheels with a variety of tyre options including mud terrain tyres allowing you to power through uneven terrain, and BF Goodrich tyres for all terrain performance.

We use lower off-set wheels to make the vehicle look more aggressive and stand out from the crowd.


Individuality is what sets us apart, we believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to customising car interiors.

– Re-upholstered interiors with diamond stitching in a colour of your choice including blue, yellow, green, tan and more
– Interior graphics pack
– Speaker and audio upgrades
– Re-mapping and tuning for more horse power
– Custom dash panel colours
– BedRugTM carpet load liner

Re-upholstered interiors with diamond stitching


With a VEA bespoke Ford Ranger, every last detail remains your choice, including a range of custom lighting.

– Uprated headlights
(optional mustang headlights)
– Light bar
– Smoked rear lights
– Lighting on wing mirrors (side repeaters)
– Front light surrounds
VEA Automotive exterior conversions